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5 Tips to Keep Spirits High During The Holidays And Beyond!


The holiday season can be the most cheerful time of the year, and also the most frenzied for business. Outside of the office, plans are bustling. With activities like hosting and attending holiday parties, searching for the perfect gift, preparing for guests, and making travel arrangements, on top of the surge of business that the holidays bring, things can begin to feel chaotic.

5 techno-tweets you might have missed!

bytes resized 600

Come December there's plenty of advice floating around the twittersphere, here are five gems you might have missed amongst all the noise! 

What is VoIP? And 3 reasons you should switch!

Hosted VoIP

So what is “VoIP” anyway?

5 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Call Tracking Provider


When choosing phone numbers for your ad campaigns there are plenty of options, ranging from the bare bones phone numbers to fully loaded call tracking solutions. When choosing a solution for your business there are many factors to consider, but we've laid out five questions that should get you started thinking about what you need and which providers might be right for you.

5 Tips From Yoda To Make You A Marketing Jedi Master

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Yoda may have intended for his wisdom to be used to help Jedi’s learn the way of the force; however, his advice transcends past the galaxy and can help us in our marketing strategies and creating an effective marketing plan.  Here are some of his famous tips and tricks that you can put to use today: 

Mobile Marketing and Call Tracking

the phone is a new organ we grew as a result of the evolutionary process

We've written before about mobile marketing, it's a trend that is continuing to grow and doesn't show any signs of stopping! Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot's CTO and co-founder highlighted the phone and more importantly, consumer's dependence and attachment to the phone in a recent keynote. 

Using Telephony To Strengthen Customer Connections

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  If I am left without my cell phone for more than five minutes then I begin to get antsy. I can’t focus on the current tasks at hand; my thoughts revolve around all the things I could be missing. I quickly begin to feel disconnected. Connecting has become less of a want and more of a compulsive need. This need spans past just connecting with friends and family to connecting with my favorite coffee shop or the grocery store I frequent. Current and potential customers are reaching out and as a marketer you need to give them something to grab onto. Building customer relationships should be the most important thing to your business. There are many different communication avenues that have their benefits; however, all of these forms of communication, if effective, eventually lead to a phone call. Hosted Numbers can improve your existing marketing efforts by strengthening your current campaigns.

Social media makes it easier than ever to stay in contact with customers.  However, it’s simply that, contact; a shallow glimpse into both your company and your potential customers. Your social media platforms help potential and current customers make contact with your brand. However, this contact, though important for staying at the forefront of customers’ minds, is not the foundation on which you build lasting customer relationships. Telephone calls build relationships, so it is important to use social media to drive your customers to a phone call. Unique phone numbers on each social platform easily highlight which are most frequented by your customers. This summer Facebook changed pages for mobile so that both iOS and Android users can call directly from the app, meaning these users don't see or key in your phone number. Add a tracking number on your Page and get insight into callers instantly!

Marketing Automation Tips: Emails, Lists, Workflows... Oh My!

Auto  - Marketing's BFF

Since purchasing this new piece of software, my days are filled with list segmentation, email design, workflow mapping, and testing. I went from being a creative, big picture strategist to a coding, field mapping, database guru. This vast shift in my day-to-day routine has caused a few gray hairs and a bruised ego a few times. Here are a few tips I will impart for those who will follow after me:

Corporate Culture That Isn't Bland [Vlog]


What does it mean to work at Hosted Numbers?

See how we make Hosted Numbers the best place to come to work in our inaugural vlog post below! 

What is Call Tracking? Why Track Calls? [SlideShare]

If you're not tracking your calls, you're not getting a full picture of your advertising ROI. But before we go into where you're missing out, maybe you're asking what the heck is call tracking anyway? 
We've got answers! 
You track the ROI of online conversions, but what about offline conversions? Even we didn't fully realize the power of a phone call in some of our online ads in our case study below! 

We do search engine marketing campaigns for our site focused on number porting keywords (taking your phone number with you to another provider). This ad group always generates clicks, but no online conversions. We considered reducing the bids on these keywords and even eliminating this ad group entirely. Then, we looked at the call volume associated with this ad group (because we assigned a unique phone number for this ad group and used dynamic number replacement to display the same phone number on our website when people clicked through to our site) and were pleasantly surprised at how high it was relative to other ad groups. We quickly realized that this is a high touch process and didn't lend itself to online conversions. Customers often called to understand the porting process and were converted in a phone call. That ad group alone was more valuable to the bottom-line than 10 others combined. Thank goodness we dug a little deeper before ending it.

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